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Tankless Water Heaters

ProPlumb is proud to offer Tankless Water Heaters from Navien.  As one of the leading installers of tankless technology in the Omaha area, ProPlumb has the experience and know-how to bring this remarkable product into your home or business. 

The NPE series tankless water heaters are the #1 selling high efficiency condensing tankless water heaters in North America.  They offer a remarkable combination of performance and durability and are a perfect choice for your home or business.  

Call a Pro, and you'll never run out of hot water again!

Why Tankless...


Lower Energy Bills

No more heating and reheating the same water!

24-34% more efficient than traditional tank heaters.

Endless Hot Water

Water is heated as you need it!  There isn't a tank full just waiting to run out!

Hot water lasts for as long as you need it!

Up to 80% Smaller

Tankless water heaters from Navien and ProPlumb take up less room - giving you cleaner, less cramped spaces!


Advanced build components last longer than traditional tanks.  

Traditional Tank Type Water Heaters

Not every application calls for a tankless water heater.  There are many things to consider when you're faced with selecting a heater for your new home or business, or replacing a worn water heater in your existing one. 


The trained professional plumbers at ProPlumb can walk you through what is right for your particular application and budget. 


We can replace many water heaters the very same day you call us!  


Don't let cold water ruin your day - Call a Pro! 



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